A Zen master's life is one continuous mistake.
- Dogen

There are no mistakes. - Miles Davis

20 June 2012

Maui Supermoon

The djembe will make you suffer, but it can show you the way to obtain knowledge of nature. ... You have to always play the djembe to get a new spirit. --Alpha Oulare

The djembe offers great rewards playing with a group, and for dancers, but also solo - which is not really solo, if you are joined by the waves and the trees, the accompanying sounds and breezes, and occasional passerby offering a smile. 

One of my favorite places to play in Maui is the uncrowded beach stretching away from North Kihei, though often the location can be windy. March 2011 was the time of a "Supermoon," with the moon unusually close and large. Following a lovely day drumming on the beach I caught some shots of the rising moon from Maui Meadows.

View video slideshow: Maui Supermoon

Enjoy the sights and sounds from a magical time and place, and may it inspire you to find such moments live.

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