A Zen master's life is one continuous mistake.
- Dogen

There are no mistakes. - Miles Davis

03 July 2013

Handy Notation

In the world of mobile access, free rhythm sharing, and digital publishing, are printed books of music notation a thing of the past?

I've been producing and selling Roots Jam drum rhythm books since 1996, and the trend definitely points to greater popularity of digital downloads of both written and audio material. Still, however, there are still some advantages to having a hard copy on hand when learning, sharing, or practicing rhythms - whether in a studio, class, home or outdoor setting:
  • ease and familiarity of handling and reading from large pages while practicing
  • photocopy or scan selected pages for class, workshop, or personal practice
  • make your own marks and add additional notation and variations
That said, my own itinerant lifestyle makes it difficult to provide continuous access to printed stock for mailing book orders. The solution, win-win for everyone, is for me to clear out printed stock when I do have it, at significant savings to customers. 

For the rest of July and August, 2013, you can save $7 off the print versions of Roots Jam 1 and 3, and $10 off the print version of Roots Jam 2 (more discount because I have a larger stock available). Order now while supplies are still available at this lowest-ever price!