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16 February 2013

Video Lessons for Djembe Beginners

Part of the appeal of the djembe as a musical instrument is that it is accessible to beginners. With little knowledge or training you can still sound good and have fun. Of course, "good" and "fun" are relative terms ... as you advance in knowledge and skills, you sound better and have more fun!

To assist beginning hand drummers with a basic foundation in djembe technique and primary accompaniment rhythms, I have produced a few short free video lessons, now available on YouTube. While basic foundation parts can seem simple, experience as a teacher and student has shown me that beginners often struggle with the timing or handing. So these lessons break down the parts for easier mastery, step by step.

Basic Djembe Technique and Vocabulary

Basic 4/4 Djembe Accompaniment: Kuku

Basic 4/4 Djembe Accompaniment: Passport

Basic 6/8 Djembe Accompaniments

How to Tighten and Tune a Djembe

How to Wear a Djembe Strap

Combined Lesson Video:
Djembe Primer: Beginner Lessons

I'll look forward to your comments and suggestions for future lessons!